The hot 21 year old Dj adaa cheated a Doctor for Rs 1Crore and was caught after coming live on facebook.

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This 21 year old Shikha Tiwari aka dj adaa couldn’t resist herself from going live on facebook and that lead to her arrest.

DJ Adaa who works in Mumbai hotel, was recently arrested by Special Operations Group (SOG) from Rajasthan after she ran away with a whopping Rs 1 crore.

She was caught by the cops after she came live on facebook, which helped cops to track her location.

Shikha was arrested for blackmailing and honey-trapping a high-profile medical professional from Rajasthan.

The 21-year-old DJ Adaa was being tracked since December 2016 after her name cropped up for more honey-trapping cases.

Around 33 people have been arrested from the gang, which included shikha and four girls. And the racket managed to shell out Rs 20 crore from the high profile people who fall in their trap.

Shikha visited Dr. Sunit soni’s chamber for hair transplant and in this way she came closer to him. After sometime, the couple went to Pushkar for a trip where Shikha showed her real face and  scared him off with a false rape allegation and demanded Rs 2 crore. On denying her demand She threatened him to lodge a police complaint.

She lodged an FIR against Dr. Sunit when he didn’t fall in their trap, and for 78 days he was jailed and on release, on 24th December 2016 he filed an official complaint against shikha.

However, he wanted to settle down the case by giving shikha Rs 1 crore and 5 lakhs. On getting money shikha fled away to Mumbai but her love for facebook couldn’t resist her from coming live and that lead her behind the bars.

Here are some more pics from instagram.


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